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Asset Title

Denis Radenkovic June 24, 2020 by Denis Radenkovic


I'm trying to get a title of a (pdf) file so that it can be downloaded/opened by clicking a link. The link itself works and opens the file, but the {{ title }} doesn't show.

What I have in the html file:

{{ relate:documents }}
     <a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a>
{{ /relate:documents }}

What I'm not sure is whether the asset even has a title because when I go into assets in the control panel and try to edit (open?) it, I see a blank 'Loading' screen.

That said, I can see all the assets previews, but can't edit any of them regardless of which container they're in, the main container included.

What I see in the console is "downloads Path does not exist" – 'downloads' is the name of the container where the asset is.

Thank you!

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