Whoops! error on new entries

I have three sets of entries (Projects, Journal & Info) and I am getting a the error below but ONLY when creating a new projects. I am able to see the listing of all three and create new Journal & Info entries. Whoops on entry create.png

Perhaps related to this, the new Publish & Continue button doesn't work as expected: Returns to '.../admin.php/pages' and displays a model dialogue stating "Content not found!" However, the entry has been saved (which I can see in the CP list of entries and by FTP)

content not found.png

I updated a site to v1.9.0 two days ago and after reading quite a few posts here I am seeing a lot about permissions. I am not running locally as I edit live via FTP. I wonder if I've got something wrong with these. Is there a definitive guide for what each folder & file should have set? And do FTP clients by default cascade the permissions to their children (recursive?)??


Answered by Ben Edmonds!
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