Custom validation attributes on a lang folder

I have an "es" folder in the site/lang directory, the custom validation attributes array in validation.php is writed correctly as if indicated like Laravel documentation:

'attributes' => [
    'full_name' => 'Nombre completo',
    'email' => 'Correo electrónico',
    'phone' => 'Teléfono',
    'message' => 'Mensaje',

And the fields in the yaml formset are writed in this way:

fields: full_name: display: 'Full Name' validate: required email: display: Email validate: required|email phone: display: Phone validate: required|numeric message: display: Message validate: required

But the spanish message errors of the form keep displaying their original labels:

"El campo Full Name es obligatorio." "El campo Email es obligatorio." "El campo Phone es obligatorio." "El campo Message es obligatorio."

Some other idea to change this?

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