How to get started with Statamic v3 beta

After doing some stuff with Statamic v2 for a small nonprofit I'm involved with (pretty basic site), I'd like to start a new project. The v3 FAQs ( seem to encourage using v3 beta for any new projects. How do I get started with v3?

While I have some coding experience, I'm not a 'real' web developer. Looking at GitHub, there doesn't seem to be a complete, ready-to-use Statamic v3 zip file that I can use to get started like there is for the official v2 release. Downloading the core 'cms' zip package from GitHub ( doesn't seem to give me a Statamic package that I can put in a local web root to start creating a site with the new v3. Does anyone have any pointers on how to get started with v3?

I'm very excited about this new v3 release and can't wait for it to become officially available. I'm particularly thrilled about what looks to be the flexible licensing model, which may include a 'lite' or 'hobby' license (at least according to the FAQ at

Thanks! --Ron

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