Evaluation: Photo-Competition with Statamic

Hi there!

I'm evaluating Statamic to implement a Photo-Competion, basically: - participants may register & login - participants submit contributions and delete them - jury votes contributions - actually it's a recurring thing: there's a new competition every year

My questions:

  1. is it possible to implement that use case with Statamic?
  2. can you give some hints how to architect this?
    1. should I use form submissions?
    2. how could admins modify/vote on these submissions?
    3. can submissions be used as regular data sources in CP and be "decorated" with votes from the jury?
    4. do I need to write custom PHP code / use the API?
    5. how would you realise the yearly repetition of competitions with assigned submissions data model wise?
    6. can you suggest some article/tutorial/video or just relevant tags to implement a similar use case?
  3. should I go with Statamic 2 oder 3 (for a project going to production end of this year?)

We're evaluating Statamic to adopt for multiple customer projects and it's our first step to enter the PHP/Laravel stack. I'm very curious and keen to learn all these crazy things...

Thanks for your help. Any input is much appreciated!

Cheers, Vivian

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