Statamic 3 - Using collection tag with custom sort modifier or ViewModel?

Hi all, Is it possible to apply custom modifiers to collections? Looks like those are all ignored when I tried it out... Or is there a different way that I'm missing?

Alternatively I was thinking to use a ViewModel where I use a query to get the entries, eg.

The entries have a radio fieldtype and depending on the selection additional fieldtypes.

  ->where('published', true)
  ->orderBy('from', 'asc') // initial order by common field

Then do some stuff with those entries, re-ordering depending on the additional fieldtypes and so on... finally I have an array that could look something like this one:

$newArray = [
  'optionX' => [ ... entries ordered by x ...],
  'optionY' => [ ... entries ordered by y ...],
  'optionZ' => [ ... entries  ordered by z...]

Now, how to convert the $newArray and pass it back to the view?

return [
  'newArray' => $newArray // augment/cascade? new array so it works the usual way in template?

Any suggestions are much appreciated : ) Thanks

Answered by Chris Bachmeier!
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