Populate Taxonomy term in template with field value


I am trying to add a template section that will list the latest three entries with a given taxonomy term. The taxonomy is "Topics" and I would like the term to be assigned per page according to the entry in a taxonomy field I've created and added to the blueprint. How do I pull in the field value? Do I need to create a variable first? Where and how would I do that?

Below is what I have for the component template tags. I'd like to replace:
with something like:

{ collection:resources taxonomy:topics="operators" limit="3" :id:isnt="id" as="entries"}}  
    {{ if !no_results }}  
            {{ entries }}  
                {{ partial:articles/entry show_type="true" }}  
            {{ /entries }}  
    {{ /if }}  
{{ /collection:resources }}

Thank you!

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