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Changing how a replicator set is presented in cp

thePhrase August 3, 2020 by thePhrase

How can I change the way the data is presented in CP for a replicator field (set)?

I'm using a replicator field to serve the user with a title + textarea pair of fields for every paragraph on a page.

The current presentation in CP is one line per entry, with the title followed by a slash and some of the contents. Every text line is presented in it's own box.

text title_title_title / contents of the paragraph

and I want to be able to just show the title (bigger) and all the text on the next line. And no boxes.

title title title
my beautiful contents of the paragraph ...

Is there a way to change the appearance of a replicator field in the Statamic CP ? Or maybe there is another solution for this use-case, and am I going about this the wrong way? I've tried collections, but that was even further away from my desired presentation.

thx, René

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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