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As a personal project, I'm working on a small website for a cooperative elementary school using Statamic v2. I have a fieldset called 'team', which has fields for each teacher to store their name, job title, photo, email address, phone number, and bio.

I then created a collection called 'team' with entries for each teacher, for example: Name: John Smith Job: 1st-grade teacher email address: [email protected] phone number: 555-555-5555 [photo] bio: John has been a teacher since 2004... yada-yada

Using a template called 'team', I use that information to show a page with a list of all teachers with their photos, job titles, phone numbers, and email address. That's working great. It's very cool to use {{ collection:team }} to cycle through all collection entries and show their fieldset values, formatted using HTML and CSS code.

What I would like to do make the photo of each teacher on that overview page a hyperlink to open another page for that specific teacher, with their name, photo, and bio (also taken from the 'team' collection). Ideally, that page would be dynamically built for each teacher as the hyperlinked photo is clicked. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Is it possible to do this? Or should I create fully defined bio pages for all teachers (for example with slug 'about_john' and not included in the site navigation) and then use something like "about_{{ first_name }}" as the target in the a tags on the overview page?

I'm not a very experienced Statamic developer (but I'm enthusiastic! :-), so perhaps I'm missing something obvious here. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd very much appreciate that.

Thanks! --Ron

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