V3 - Assets linking / best practices / General Problems

Hi all,

First time posting- very excited about V3 an have been getting deeper and deeper into it- so far so good!

I am making a new site with a bootstrap theme.

I've moved all the Assets from the theme into Resources > Assets directory. I have mix crunching the JS and CSS. My problem is in the theme, there are SVG backgrounds and other assets. I was able to get this to work

{{ svg src="assets/svg/illustrations/error-number-404.svg" class="logo" }}

for example. But on a different class

<body class="bg-img-hero-fixed" style="background-image: url(assets/svg/illustrations/error-404.svg);"> 

I am unable to get the SVG, favicon, and other resources to load. Is there a way to directly link to assets without using Mix or the special SVG tag? As I am developing i'd like to quickly pull in/our some resources.

Is the above best practices or should I move the Assets under Public which is where Mix is currently compiling to?

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance - happy to elaborate more if needed.

Thanks, Patrick

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