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Taxonomy Elements in Blueprints (Max Items: 1)

Lloyd Montgomery August 28, 2020 by Lloyd Montgomery

Let me explain this rather frustrating and strange workflow that leads to an issue I have not figured out how to work around yet.

  1. Create a collection (FakeCollection), create a taxonomy (FakeThings), create a blueprint for FakeCollection (FakeBlueprint).
  2. Configure FakeThings to be linked to the FakeCollection. This adds FakeThings to the blueprint for FakeCollection.
  3. I want this taxonomy item max items to be 1, so I set the max items to 1. Now, I also don't want the linked taxonomy item to be called FakeThings, since there is only one. I rename FakeThings and it's handle to "FakeThing".
  4. Save, and refresh the page. There are now two fields in the blueprint: FakeThing and FakeThings.

Is this the expected behaviour? I don't see a way to delete the FakeThings linked item.


Answered by Jack McDade!
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