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Help with installation

Philip Fuchslocher August 29, 2020 by Philip Fuchslocher


I'm starting my second attempt, after Statamic 2, to get the CMS to work for a small blog project. Unfortunately I'm stuck already in the beginning. I know how to write HTML and CSS quite well, but as soon as it concerns server environments and dynamic content, I'm really bad at.

I already read several manuals, explanations, but none of them worked. I'm working with a MacBook Pro 16" 2019 with the latest version of Catalina.

edit: Over night, I managed to solve some of the problems, so there are fortunately less problems and here is where I'm stuck now:

What I did

  • Installed MAMP
  • Installed Composer
  • Created a new Statamic project (composer create-project statamic/statamic {change_me} --prefer-dist --stability=dev)

What I expected

I thought that now I could open the installation in MAMP, but this doesn't work. Can anyone help me what's next to do for creating a new user, accessing the backend via MAMP and wicht are the steps to get the site finally running online? (Just copy the files to my Webserver?)

Thanks for your support Philip

Answered by Jeremy Hoover!
>>>>>>> Answered <<<<<<<
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