Advice much appreciated on related entries (in a replicator)

Hi there! I am building a cocktail website on Statamic 3. I am wondering how you would go ahead regarding the following.

Collections: 1. Gin 2. Tonic

The plan is to show 2–3 serves on the gin profile page which are basically connected tonics with a rating how good they match the gin.

Screenshot: Screenshot

My idea was to create a perfectserve fieldset for the gin collection and have an option to choose an entry from the tonic collection along with a textarea to describe the matching of gin & tonic plus a rating number.

Now I am wondering whether that is too limited for future use. Imagine I would love to show the 5-star-rated matches for a tonic on it's detail page ("This tonic works great with the following gins").

Super new to the system and working my way forward feature by feature.

Thanks a bunch should you be reading this and have an idea or advise.

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