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Featured article functionality

Mat Doidge September 6, 2020 by Mat Doidge

Hi there,

I'm a designer trying out Statamic for the first time on v3. I am just playing with logic and exploring what's possible.

Whats the best route to go for the following scenario...

I have a collection called 'Articles'. I'd like to be able to tag or select up to three articles to be featured, so they can be pulled out as a group anywhere on the page. In my old CMS, I'd add a field into the article itself, so that as a user adds an article, there is a checkbox to mark it as featured. I'd then filter the output by this checkbox. I'm just here to learn so totally open to suggestions as I'm keen to learn what seems like a really great system.

I read some old posts on here that suggested fieldsets might be a way to go, but it lacked much explanation for a noobie to follow.

Answered by Rob de Kort!
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