How to use taxonomy title as page title, given taxonomy slug?

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I may also be missing something rather obvious, and have already referenced a ton of previous discussions including these ones ( and, but no solutions appear to work for the problem I'm trying to solve.

I need the following route to output the correct taxonomy title as the page title, based on the taxonomy slug in the URL.

    template: art-portal
    title: '{{ taxonomy_title_based_on_taxonomy_slug_in_route }}'

Everything else about my setup works correctly:

  • The route-defined template (and default layout) work as expected
  • The page content works as expected (shows items in the "art" collection, filtered by the given "portals" taxonomy slug)
  • title: '{{ slug }}' as a test will output the correct slug from the URL as the page title.

Methods I've tried to get the correct title output:

  • Variations on {{ taxonomy:portals slug:is="slug" }}{{ title }}{{ /taxonomy:portals }}, none of which appear to work and many of which will cause my virtual machine to seize up.
  • Some grasping-at-straws attempts to {{ relate }}
  • Attempting both of the above by trying to {{ relate }} within a {{ taxonomy:portals }} loop

So I'm starting to think maybe I'm not thinking about this correctly, and/or perhaps that it's not possible to filter with :is="" or {{ relate }} by slug because that value is not actually stored in the individual taxonomy yaml files but rather the filename itself?

Appreciate any help here!

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