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Statamic v3 — Assets end up in the wrong place

Kaz van Kooten September 10, 2020 by Kaz van Kooten

I managed to get Statamic v3 up and running on an Apache server by following these five steps:

— Copying everything except "public" to /home/{username}/domains/{domainname}/statamic/

— Copying the contents of "public to /home/{username}/domains/{domainname}/public_html/

— Changing the Auto Loader and App paths in public_html/index.php

— Running composer install

— Running php artisan key:generate

What I was afraid of happened: images aren't loading.

That is: when I add an image to a collection entry it uploads that image to a folder in a container. Those files are uploaded to {domainname}/statamic/public/assets/, but I'm guessing they NEED to be uploaded to public_html/assets/.

I don't know where to set / declare / jot down whatever it is that needs to be adjusted so that images are pulled from the right place on the server. Forgive my complete lack of proper terminology: I'm not a DevOps guy and I've been struggling to get Statamic v3 up and running for a couple of days now ;-)

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answered by Kaz van Kooten!
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