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v3: Form submission is not saved (even though it returns 200)

Lukasz Rados September 16, 2020 by Lukasz Rados


I'm editing existing post as I've found the solution to a previous problem described here. The problem was that when submission had any column null, CP would break. Updating statamic helped, but I have a new problem.

I have a problem with form submissions. They worked fine until I updated statamic to v3.0.8. Currently when user submits a form, a submission is created and 200 is returned, but resulting file doesn't contain data. There is only following content:

{  }

The response I'm getting is:

  success: true,
  submission_created: true,
  submission: []

So submission is empty already at that stage which would explain the file content. I can see in Network that the data is submitted correctly. I know it's a brief description, but maybe it's a known issue?

Kind regards, Ɓukasz

Answered by Lukasz Rados!
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