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v2 ➔ v3: missing "group_by_date" in Collection tag

Brendan Falkowski September 26, 2020 by Brendan Falkowski

Was the "group_by_date" feature of the Collection tag dropped from Statamic 3?

Here's the V2 docs: https://v2.statamic.com/tags/collection

Here's the V3 docs: https://statamic.dev/tags/collection

We used this to organize the members/events/videos pages on a singing group's website that has 12 years of content, so breaking it up by year helped the UI.

Example from v2 site: https://imgur.com/a/N32pONX

It can probably be refactored using conditionals, but the syntax was so elegant I'm just curious if it's omitted from the docs (or maybe a naming change)? My code didn't work post-migration but the collection works if I remove those conditions (data is all ok).

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