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Question about site deployment for Statamic 3

Ron van de Crommert September 27, 2020 by Ron van de Crommert

I used composer to create a Statamic 3 site on my own computer (localhost). It's looking like I want, and I'm getting ready to deploy it to a webhost for the world to see (probably Hostgator or Bluehost---any suggestions for a cost-effective webhost?). Before I do that, I'd like to make sure I understand the deployment process. Are the steps below correct?

  1. Make sure the webhost is running PHP with the required extensions enabled (such as mbstring, exif).

  2. Upload (FTP) the entire local site folder structure to the root of the server.

  3. Make sure the DNS servers of the registered domain point to the webhost.

I'll initially deploy it to a test domain to make sure everything is working as expected, so I don't need to enable the Pro license at that point, since it's a slightly different domain (.com) than its ultimate destination (.org). There's initially only a single user, so that should be alright. Then, after everything is verified, I'll point the main .org domain to the webhost and it should work. I'll enable the Pro license at that point, since that is the ultimate domain where the site will reside.

That should be it, right? I'm confused about one thing, though. On localhost, I need to set the Apache document root to the 'public' subfolder for things to show correctly. If I set it to the root, all I see is a list of subfolders. Is there anything I need to set at the webhost end to make sure the site displays correctly? Do I need to set something similar to localhost (so point to 'public' rather than root)?

Thanks! --Ron

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