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Taxonomy page404

Arturas Leonovas October 4, 2020 by Arturas Leonovas

Hi, everyone.

I am trying to set up an inner page for the taxonomy and I've been banging my head against the wall. The documentation is not clear at all on what do to here.

  1. I've created a taxonomy called "Categories"
  2. Those categories have terms such as "business" or resources".
  3. I've created a categories folder with index.antlers.html and when I visit the page using mysite.com/categories/business. It works.

Nows theres the problem:

I have a page where I list the collection.

 {{ collection:articles }}                
    <h5 class="mt-1 title mb-1">{{title}}</h5>

  {{ categories }}  <a href="{{url}}" class="subtitle mb-0">{{title}}</a> {{ /categories }}

 {{ /collection:articles }}

This generates url mysite.com/articles/categories/design. How do I link this to have the same template as mysite.com/categories/business ? I've spend days trying to figure it out. Looked at the starter templates. Couldn't figure it out.

P.S Just like in the starter templates. Inside the articles folder, I have categories folder with a show.antlers.html. I copied over the whole logic, still it doesn't work :/


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