Statamic 1.9 doesn´t recognise the part HHII in YYYY-MM-DD-HHII when sorting

Hello, my settings.yaml has _entry_timestamps: true and _enable_timestamps: true

My filenames look like this
They honor the scheme YYYY-MM-DD-HHII-{{title}}.md

I sort them with the following code
{{ entries:listing folder="comments" sort_by="date" sort_dir="asc"}}
{{ datestamp format="d. m Y G:i }}
....more code

I added the datestamp for debugging purposes and found out, that Statamic will turn "2014-10-21-1821" into "21. October 2014 0:00". But the right thing to do would be "21. October 2014 18:21" since this comment was submitted at 18:21 o´clock. And Statmic should use the time information for sorting purposes. As far as I understand it, Statamic derives the date/time info from the filename and not from the date/time-stamp, that my hoster´s server sets.

When Statamic doesn´t work with the time part, then it´s clear, why I have intraday sorting issues. What can I do to make the HHII part work?

Thanks Albert

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