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Glide — File not found

Alexander October 7, 2020 by Alexander


The Situation

I'm running into a weird problem with the latest statamic 3 version (3.0.16) in production. In the development environment, everything is fine.

My project is versioned with git, so I'm pretty sure the development and the production versions are the same. All images (stored on the public disk), are under git control, too. (I removed the .gitignore from storage/app and storage/app/public) and created the symlink in production with php artisan storage:link.

The Problem

All Images without Glide are shown. Every Glide transformed image results in an error 500.

League\Glide\Filesystem\FileNotFoundException: Could not find the image `storage/logos/logo_frankenbleche_195x45mm-300x70.jpg`

The Server is a Forge provisioned Server, running ubuntu/nginx/php7.3 in default config.

Anyone got a hint for me?

— Alexander

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