Grid for better layout in the CP

Now that Replicator has been born, I'd can see a couple of ways that the Grid fieldtype can be slicker or more useful.

Personally I use this fieldtype mostly for tightening up the interface in the CP for clients. - Allow for responsive column sizes. At it's most basic all columns in the grid could be width: 100% on "narrow viewports" and obey the specified widths at wider viewports. Or, to go a step further, values could be set for the grid with: width_1: <20em, width_2: <36em etc. Then widths could be declared on each field with: width_1: 100%, width_2: 50%, width_3: 33% etc. - If the grid is set withmax_rows: 1 then the option to delete & reorder should be removed (ie: lose the far left narrow column)

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