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After migration from v2, get id on null errors.

Torben November 1, 2020 by Torben

Hello, I have set up a new Laravel installation, installed Statamic 3 via Composer and the Migrator Plugin. I switched the storing of the user credentials to file (as explained here: https://statamic.dev/knowledge-base/storing-laravel-users-in-files) and run the migrator plugin. When I visit the root instance I see the welcome.blade.php from the default Laravel installation and in the backend of Statamic I get this error when I click on Collections -> Pages:

[2020-11-01 20:20:29] local.ERROR: Call to a member function id() on null {"userId":"fe8a906a-90d6-4695-836a-d04bda092cea","exception":"[object] (Error(code: 0): Call to a member function id() on null at /var/www/vendor/statamic/cms/src/Stache/Stores/Store.php:79)

Did I miss something when installing v3 in a fresh laravel installation and migrating from v2? And why do I not see my home.antlers template after migrating?

Thanks for helping!

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