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Miah Nairn November 13, 2020 by Miah Nairn

Best Green Construction Laser Level For Outdoor Use: HYCHIKA 30M & KAIWEETS KT360A

Perfect symmetrical structures need accurate leveling and plumbing measurements. Gone are the days when spirit levels were the only tools used for constructing buildings. In the present era, builders do not consider them as reliable and efficient as the outdoor laser level. As the name shows, these devices emit a straight laser line onto vertical and horizontal surfaces. Furthermore, operators can place it on an inclined surface or tripod.

However, not all laser levels are suitable for outdoor projects because of low visibility in bright conditions. It becomes tricky to find the right models because of so many choices and other confusing features. For your convenience, we are reviewing here the best laser level for outdoor use available on the market today.  

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HYCHIKA 30M Green Outdoor Laser Level- Best For DIYers

If you want to buy a compact, durable, and versatile laser level for small to large outdoor projects, invest in the HYCHIKA green laser level. It helps professionals in executing a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications with accurate leveling layouts. It is also a perfect model for installing furniture, paving tiles, hanging pictures, and many other household projects.

Why Did We Choose HYCHIKA Laser Level?

HYCHIKA laser level offers a unique combination of versatility and convenient operating functions. Its impressive visibility range and high accuracy rate are some of the most dominant factors, which forced us to choose and review this model. Below is a brief overview of all advantages that the best outdoor laser level offers to its users.

Three Projection Modes: 

HYCHIKA laser level allows operators to use two laser lines separately and simultaneously. Hence, one can switch to cross-lines, horizontal, or vertical lines depending on the requirements.    

Self-Leveling System: 

This model self-levels the unit within four degrees right after turning it on. A self-leveling system ensures that operators can work with accurate measurements without any error at all.

Manual Mode: 

Users can switch to Manual Mode for projecting horizontal, vertical, and cross-lines at any needed angle. This mode automatically and instantly activates after locking the pendulum. You can use it for applications that need manual alignment with straight lines.

High Visibility: 

HYCHIKA laser level generates two times brighter lines than the red laser. You can use the best laser level for outdoors to finish projects conveniently because it offers up to 30 meters of visible laser lines. These bright lines will enable you to work during the day in bright sunlight. A 0.9mm per meter accuracy ensures it completes works with perfection and precision.

USB Charging: 

The laser level includes a 1200mAH high capacity battery, which provides up to six hours of runtime. A USB charging cable makes it easy to recharge the lithium-ion battery with a laptop or power bank in two hours. You will find it a very efficient and environment-friendly device.

Magnetic Mounting Bracket: 

It comes with an L-shaped magnetic bracket for mounting the unit on steel or other metal surfaces on the worksites. One can also install it on a tripod to meet the height requirements of various applications. This bracket can also rotate the device 360-degree, and you can achieve the needed leveling layout by turning the laser level at any angle. This feature will save your time on the worksite because you would not have to relocate the unit repeatedly.

If you want to buy a long distance laser level without spending a lot of your money, order the HYCHIKA Laser Level right now!

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What Is Available In The Package? 

The package includes HYCHIKA laser level, USB charging cable, L-shaped magnetic bracket, carrying case, and a user manual.

KAIWEETS KT360A Green Laser Level- Best For Professionals


KAIWEETS KT360A generates three 360-degree planes to provide complete coverage of the working area. It projects horizontal and two vertical laser lines for accomplishing tasks on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Furthermore, the Osram laser diode offers up to four-time brighter beams than the red laser levels. This model’s range is 30 meters that can extend up to 70 meters because of the Pulse Mode availability. Hence, you can use the best outdoor rotary laser level for a wide range of leveling, plumbing, and alignment applications.  

Why Did We Choose KAIWEETS KT360A?

We liked to review KAIWEETS KT360A because of the following dominant advantages.

Full Leveling Layout: 

KAIWEETS KT360A offers a full leveling layout for accomplishing simple to complicated projects with ease. It projects all-around laser planes to cover the entire project area, including floors, walls, and ceilings. Individual and together selection of one horizontal and two vertical beams make it a versatile model for a wide range of leveling and alignment applications.

Long Visibility Range: 

KAIWEETS KT360A projects laser lines that are visible up to 30 meters. However, outside laser level also offers a power-saving Pulse Mode that extends its range to 70 meters. You will get precise measurements because of its 3mm at 10 meters accuracy rate. Hence, professional builders can rely on it for finishing large-sized outdoor projects effectively and efficiently.

Some Other Benefits: 

Osram Laser Diode provides four times bright laser lines as compared to red laser lines. One-button operation makes the selection of different modes easy. For instance, you can change the laser beam by pressing the Mode Key. Furthermore, it also includes self-leveling and Manual Mode to meet various construction needs. With the self-leveling system, this model automatically levels the unit within four degrees. The laser beams start flashing if not set correctly. Hence, the best laser level for outside work guarantees quick and error-free work with the self-leveling system. Manual mode allows users to get laser lines at desired angles.

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What Are Existing Buyers Saying About The KT360A?

We found that users appreciate this laser level for its convenience and versatility. One 360-degree horizontal and two 360-degree vertical planes enable them and their workers to complete tasks in real-time. They also like selections of laser lines separately or simultaneously because turning off unwanted laser beams saves the battery’s power. 

Existing users love the provided two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Each battery offers a long working time of up to twenty hours with all lasers on. Hence, they can complete large and time-consuming projects with these two batteries. People also like the battery status indicator on the unit. It enables them to see the current power status of the battery during their work. Buyers say it is the best construction laser level for seasoned professionals and DIY homeowners. 

After reading these comprehensive reviews, we hope that you are on the stage to buy the best exterior laser level according to your needs.

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