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{{ if superchair }} pulls content correctly but {{ indoors }} and {{ outdoors }} don't

Michael Manos December 1, 2020 by Michael Manos

Hi there,

Doing the ChairBnB tutorial.

I'm currently deviating slightly trying to make a little button for the location: indoors and location: outdoors array variable...

The superchair is a simple yes/no boolean, and it outputs properly, but the location is an array field and for some reason won't pull data.

{{ if superchair }}
                        <div class="inline-block border border-purple-600 rounded uppercase font-medium tracking-widest ml-5 text-xs px-1 text-gray-900">SUPERCHAIR</div>
{{ /if }}
                        {{ if indoors }}
                        <div class="inline-block border border-blue-600 rounded uppercase font-medium tracking-widest mr-2 text-xs px-1 text-gray-900">INDOORS</div>
                        {{ elseif outdoors }}
                        <div class="inline-block border border-green-600 rounded uppercase font-medium tracking-widest mr-2 text-xs px-1 text-gray-900">OUTDOORS</div>
{{ /if }}
Answered by Michael Manos!
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