Upgrade to 1.9.0 problem with yaml code in content edited in admin panel


I have a problem with yaml code placed in content pages. I give an example here:

{{ get_files in="assets/img/photos/path" extension="jpg" depth="== 0" }}
<img src="{{ file }}" />
{{ /get_files }}

this results in the new 1.9.0 admin panel to:

<img src="/assets/img/photos/path/Photo-1.jpg" />
<img src="/assets/img/photos/path/Photo-2.jpg" />
<img src="/assets/img/photos/path/Photo-3.jpg" />
<img src="/assets/img/photos/path/Photo-4.jpg" />

Do I understand the terminology of statamic wrong: Is it not allowed to do some coding in pages (content)?

Thank you for any feedback....


Answered by Jack McDade!
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