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Pull number of total items in specific collection into template using antlers

Michael Manos December 5, 2020 by Michael Manos

Hi there

I'm trying to pull in a dynamic number, say: number of total support tickets, where support tickets are a collection on the back-end.

I wrapped my page content in: {{ collections:tickets }} {{ /collections:tickets }}

when I put {{ value }}

it outputs nothing. When i put from the blueprint: {{ priority }}

it outputs P2 - which is one of three priorities in the blueprint, so it seems to be pulling in data only from the single test ticket i made.

I am certain i am parsing the antlers incorrectly here, but there is no real good documentation I can find online on the available commands and syntax for how to use antlers properly, If there is a library of docs out there please point me to it

Answered by Jaden Gregory!
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