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Breadcrumbs not working with collection links

Demien Sokman December 6, 2020 by Demien Sokman

My breadcrumbs are not working on the collection pages. I receive the following error: Call to undefined method Statamic\Taxonomies\Taxonomy::setSupplement(). The URL structure where I get the error is /publications/categories/annual-reports. Publications is my collection and categories my taxonomy handle. I am just using the breadcrumbs navigation tag. On all other pages it works only on the filter pages its throwing this error. This the Stack trace.

<!-- Breadcrumbs
============================================= -->
<nav class="hidden md:flex items-center w-full mb-4 px-4" aria-label="Breadcrumb">
    <ol class="flex items-center space-x-4">
        {{ nav:breadcrumbs }}
                {{ partial:components/navigation/breadcrumb }}
        {{ /nav:breadcrumbs }}

This is my breadcrumb partial.

<!-- Breadcrumb
============================================= -->
{{ if first }}
        <a href="{{ url }}" class="text-gray-400 hover:text-gray-500">
            {{ svg src="/assets/icon/solid/home" class="flex-shrink-0 fill-current h-4 w-4" }}
            <span class="sr-only">{{ title }}</span>
{{ else }}
    <div class="flex items-center">
        {{ svg src="/assets/icon/regular/angle-right" class="flex-shrink-0 fill-current flex-shrink-0 h-3 w-3 text-gray-400" }}
        <a href="{{ url }}" class="ml-4 text-sm text-gray-500 hover:text-gray-700">
            {{ title }}
{{ /if }}

Do I have to bulid the breadcrumbs separately for these pages?

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