Installing Statamic V3 locally with composer & npm

Albert here. Back in 2014 I was one of the first Statamic 1 users, skipped V2 and now my old, old site needs to jump from v1 to v3.
I'm figuring out all the new concepts.
I followed Jacks YT-videos and got it working (site up and running, preview in browser with valet as *.test & first user). I'm on Win 10. At the moment, I'm just typing commands like "npm install", and I understand 5% of the concepts.

Here's what I'm concerned about


I choosed cool writings as a starter kit. After completion I got: "found 715 vulnerabilities, 706 low, 9 high" run "npm audit fix". Do I have to be concerned? One of the points, that convinced me to buy V1 was the thoughtfullness regarding security. If I want to get my site compromised, I can just stay with Wordpress.
Even after I ran "npm audit fix" i got

fixed 704 of 715 vulnerabilities in 1102 scanned packages
10 vulnerabilities required manual review and could not be updated 1 package update for 1 vulnerability involved breaking changes
(use npm audit fix --force to install breaking changes; or refer to npm >audit for steps to fix these manually)

That left me clueless.

Also there was 4 lines if warnings, that a dependency to fsevents has skipped. The versions: 2.1.2 / 2.1.3 / 1.2.11

Can I be sure, that later my site will be safe in the internet? This is just local dev, so I don't worry.

Most recent versions of packages

According to "npm list"
The fresh install uses TailwindCSS 1.1.4. The latest available version on the npm-repository-server is 2.0.1 ( I ran "npm udate" as suggested by npm and that brought me to Tailwindcss 1.9.6. I tried to update the package with "npm install @latest" and it worked.
But when I ran the webpack script with "npm run dev" it failed miserably. Lots of warnings, that didn't make any sense to me ;-)
I want to build my site with the latest CSS glory. How can I update the fresh istall to work with the latest versions of the packages?

I'm willing to learn, but I need a hint, what to do.

Thank you

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