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I created a custom Tag which needs a parameter and this tag returns true or false depending on that parameter. Maybe thats a really noob question but I don't know how to make the if-statememnt in my view so I can display or hide some html code.

Below is my tag with the parameter linked in an if tag... "link" is also a tag which gives me an url when I call it with {{ link }}. In the case below I can't pass the link as a parameter when the tag is surrounded by an if tag.

{{ if {more_than3_properties url="link" } === true }}

I tried it with

{{ if {more_than3_properties url="{link}" } === true }}
{{ if {more_than3_properties url="{{link}}" } === true }}
{{ if {more_than3_properties url=":link" } === true }}

but nothing works... I could really use some help or a pointer to the right direction

Thank you very much

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