Migrator issues

Investigating the LOE involved for migrating a site to v3.

Quickly set up a new repo, got the migrator installed and gave it a whirl.

Most went ok but running into an issue with the blog collection.

collection exception: blog
Too many keys: /assets/general/blog/Abstract_lines_and_data_points_copy.jpg share_image: /assets/general/blog/blog-share-05.jpg related_entries: - 7hA7oZuGmhZxgAfrAKXg7s - 5V6eoyTXl4YgN3EpTLjEh8

if I look at the entry that has those field values, formatting looks fine and it loads fine the v2 cp.

Those fields are just asset fields with a single image assignment.

Any ideas?

Wondering if I should post on the migrator Github issues.

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