How much is too much for Statamic in terms of data?

The question in the title of course is a bit overpaced of course.

Here‘s the more complex thought: I need to redo a very custom podcast site. Currently the data part is handled by a Django application that also offers an admin area for some everything to be edited. This is for a podcast with multiple shows, episodes per show, guests and topics as relational data and that kind of stuff. I‘m quite sure this can be handled with Statamic some way or the other. It would also enable us to have way better content editing capabilities as we have them now. Fine so far.

But then we also have a database of supporters (listeners donating to help us) and imported payments. Relational data that isn‘t really content but should be backing some parts of the site in the future - like offering supporters a chance to login and edit their profile and stuff like that.

Also we would need to have some crud like backend for that data too. I‘d love to have everything together - at least for the backend part but i‘m unsure if that stuff isn‘t too far from what Statamic is supposed to handle.

I‘d be glad to get any kind of input on that.

Thanks & Cheers, Frank

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