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Eike Bierman December 31, 2020 by Eike Bierman


how can i get from the select field ( in the form ) key/value for the "< option > VALUE < /option >".

My yaml file:

handle: test
 display: Test
 multiple: false
 clearable: false
 searchable: true
 taggable: false
 push_tags: false
 cast_booleans: false
 listable: hidden
  test: Test
  Test2: Test2
 type: select
 icon: select
 placeholder: ''
 input_type: '' 

My HTML file:

<select id="contact-{{display}}" name="salutation" class="form-control custom-select" required>
            <option hidden disabled selected value></option>

            {{ options }}
            <option value="{{key}}">{{value}}</option>
            {{ /options }}

        <label class="form-label" for="contact-{{display}}">{{display}}</label>
Answered by Eike Bierman!
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