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Hey guys, we are building a website using Statamic v3 for the first time and we are trying to figure out how everything works. This goes very well and we are progressing quickly.

But with some parts i have a little problem to understand how it was meant to work.

So lets say i build this website for myself. I created a collection "Pages" and this collection has several blueprints. Each blueprint has its own template to be displayed individually. This all makes perfect sense to me. Now i figured out, that sites are stored under content in a .md file. i was wondering if this files should be in the .gitignore part or not.

For my understanding, as we are making site changes on the live site and not in development this should be in .gitignore to prevent overriding and progress lost when deploy right?

So what i would wanted to have versioned is: blueprints, configs, templates.

I hope my question is clear and you can help me out.

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Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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