Laravel Valet, localhost and https: CP not accessible (sometimes)

I have a couple of v2's installed locally. All installed through Statamic CLI and all running the latest version of v2 (2.11.21).

I use Laravel Valet and I've valet link && valet secure'd all of those sites. I use a gulpfile to compile assets and to serve the website over a proxy with BrowserSync.

Oh, and I also use Safari on macOS as my main browser/OS.

The site itself gets served perfectly. I've set up BrowserSync to reload the site when CSS, Js, markdown and html changes, and that all works.

However, and this is what puzzles me: when I try to access the control panel, I get a 'this connection isn't secure' notice and even when I select 'more details' and then 'show this site anyway' it doesn't work.

Weirder: the control panel opens perfectly in Chrome (over https).

Even weirder: on only one of those sites, the control panel opens perfectly in Safari (over https).

I've tried adding use_https: true to system.yaml but that doesn't do anything. I can't for the life of me discover any differences between the site where the cp does open over https in Safari and the ones where it doesn't.

As you can imagine, this isn't a very important matter, but it bugs me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? in .config/valet/Certificates there are all the same files for every site, my system.yaml setups are the same...

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