Shared hosting platform guidance

Hi there,

I'm new to the forum, very excited to be part of this friendly community.

I'll get to the point: can anyone explain what the requirements are as to hosting a Statamic site on a shared hosting platform? I want to build a website for a small business that also needs services like e-mail and domain registration. Ideally, I want to offer my client the option to go with a full-service hosting option Like HostGator or GoDaddy. It's a very small business, so I don't want to force the client to use a service like Digital Ocean or Forge where the client has to pay separately for the hosting. I just want to offer him a one package deal so to speak.

To try things out I bought a simple hosting package from (kind of known in the Netherlands). I quickly found out that they don't support SSH, which leads to the problem of not being able to install my dependencies with composer.

So do you have any experience with getting Statamic to work on a shared hosting environment? If so, could you share some insights that might be useful to me to pick a solid option for my client?

I know the list of recommended hosting providers is out there. But I want to offer my client service from a Dutch company. Also, there are some threads on this forum about this topic, but they go into every detail on how to solve an issue for that user. I hope to get some more general information about hard requirements so I can make a good choice.

Any feedback would be great!

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