It's strange, I have Bloodhound running fine on a staging site and it doesn't yield results on the live site. The components are identical on both sites.

From the template:

{{ bloodhound:search dataset="search" }}
    {{ if not_enough_characters }}
        <p>Please type a couple more characters.</p>
    {{ elseif no_results }}
        <p>Sorry, no results were found for <em>{{ _query }}</em>.</p>
    {{ elseif no_query }}
        <!-- no query, show nothing -->
    {{ else }}
        <!-- results! glorious results! -->
        {{ if first }}
        {{ endif }}
                <h4><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></h4>
                <p><em>{{ url }}</em></p>
        {{ if last }}
        {{ endif }}
    {{ endif }}
{{ /bloodhound:search }}

And in my settings on /_config/add-ons/bloodhound/datasets/search.yaml:

min_characters: 2
folders: *
show_hidden: true
include_404: false
limit: 4
type: all
  title: 2
query_cache_length: on cache update
use_stemming: true
use_alternates: true
exclude: folder/subfolder|another-folder
  - title
  - keywords
  - description

It's not even producing an error. It's just coming up blank. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Answered by Nico del Castillo! Go to answer.