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Static Site Generator: forms and site generation (complete or partial)

Albert Warnecke January 25, 2021 by Albert Warnecke

I try to catch up from Statamic 1 to all the new concepts of Statamic 3. Since I want a very fast blog, I like the concept of the SSG. I read the docs, viewed the videos. All fine, I now how to deploy a static site.

What I don't understand:

Question 1

How can my users comment the blog articles or use the contact form to reach me, when I have a static site? I will use Meerkat for my comments.
As far as I understand, static site means: "no interaction, form validation, whatsoever". Just a bunch of - well - static pages.
I don't want to use 3rd party tools (no control over load times, data protection hassle, additional costs, so no discourse and the like).
Does a static site make sense under that circumstances? Or can I achive my goal "fast web site" otherwise? I'm looking for a pragmatic common sense answer here, not so much what is technically possible. I know, that there is no best way. Many roads lead to rome. I'm just not sure, which is the right one for me.

Therefore I'm interested: How have you solved that issue for you?

Question 2

My blog has around a thousand pages. When I add a new blog post or edit an existing blog post, will the SSG regenerate all 1.000 pages or just the one I changed? Uploading 99,9% of unchanged pages again and again seems a bit wasteful to me. But maybe I'm missing something here.

Thanks Albert

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