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Deploy Statamic 3 - Ploi plus Hoster

Albert Warnecke January 28, 2021 by Albert Warnecke

Hi, I know about this page: and I'm confused. Too many options. But finally I came up with the follwing and would like to ask: Is this a possible way for a person like me? I know, that there are many ways to deploy a Statamic site.

I'm a blogger (single person). I can do the tech stuff to a certain amount and I like it, but as a project, not on a daily basis.
I want my server to be secure (latest updates, firewall, DDos protection, Let's encrypt,...) automatically.
I'm happy to run "composer update", when the CP tells me, that Jack has released a new version. I'm also happy to learn the basic git commands. But this is it. I don't want to do sys-admin stuff. I talk to git.

Deploy chain

  1. Local Site on my PC
  2. Write my blog article, open local CP, add article
  3. Preview loally in Browser (have Valet installed)
  4. All fine? Then: use Git in Windows powershell to transfer all changes to a remote repo
  5. Automatic: From remote repo to live site. Live site runs a version of Statamic, because all my blog articles have comment fields.
  6. From live site to a CDN for best performance

Get comments into the repo

  1. log into remote site
  2. Use the CP and Meerkat to manage comments
  3. Automatic: Start a process, that adds the comments to the remote repo
  4. Update the local repo

Ploi & Digital Ocean / Linode / Vultr

Ploi plus one of the 3 hosting companies above.
I'm thinking, that this might be the right combination for a person like me.
Am I right?

As an alternative I found fortrabbit. They also seem to take care of the tech side an make it easy to deploy.

My questions

  1. Are my workflows at least ok?
  2. What about the combination of Ploi plus hoster or better fortrabbit?
  3. Any thought about a CDN. Is it even necessary? DO and the other hosters have already a bunch of datacenters around the world.


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