Filtering collections by conditon1 OR condition2

Here's my case. I'm watching an employees page, and want to see projects that employee has been a part of. They can either be attached to a project as a project_leader (can only be 1 employee) or as a contributor (many employees)

  {{ collection:projects :project_leader:is="id" OR :people:contains="id" as="entries"  }}
            {{ if !no_results }}
                <div class="flex flex-wrap xl:-mx-12">
                    {{ entries }}
                        {{ partial:project-box margin="mb-8" }}
                    {{ /entries }}
            {{ /if }}
   {{ /collection:projects}}

Is this possible in antlers with the collection tag? Couldn't find anything about it.

So, if need to make a custom tag, I have another question. How do i query against an array?

            ->where('project_leader', $this->params->get('project_leader'))
            ->orWhere('contributors',  $this->params->get('contributor'));

Thanks, Marius.

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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