Creating Website with Blog and Forum

Hey guys!

I am planning to create a website that has a section for blog posts and another for forum (just like this website!), and I have a few questions to check if I am thinking about this correctly.

To my understanding, it's not easy to build a forum using Statamic (please point me to some resources to get started if this is not true!), hence I am planning to build the forum section with Laravel itself. On the other hand, I love the control panel Statamic provides for blogs and plans to build the blog section with Statamic.

My question is related to data storage. Since forums will generate quite a large amount of data, is it advisable to still store it in a flat file database? Is it okay to store some data in a database and some in flat file? At this point, I am not sure the amount of traffic that's expected in the forum, but I am preparing for long term scalability.


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