structure tree reorder on save item


I have structure (pages) in a tree. I can order it in the backend by drag and dop. If edit a page and save it. This item is moved to bottom of the structure.

title: Pages sites: - de - fr template: default layout: layout revisions: false route: '{parent_uri}/{slug}' structure: root: true tree: de: - entry: home - entry: 9b414f74-3fb2-46f9-a554-57767a78e577 children: - entry: 11acb51d-8cd8-4cf6-8b9d-3dd0e951f526 - entry: 97448444-cf5a-461b-9485-08a349312a05 - entry: c2dbffd2-fffc-420d-b6a8-99333a69baa0 - entry: 5d546f54-0381-43e1-8ec9-4811a2d8bee6 -


If I edit "c2dbffd2-fffc-420d-b6a8-99333a69baa0" and save this entry it moves to the bottom of the tree.

I use statamic 3.0.40.

Can anybody give me a hint, what I am doing wrong?

Thanks Roland

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