parent tag inside localized show template


I use the {{ parent }} tag inside a entry-collection-show Template like this:

    {{ parent }}
        {{ if links }}

        <div class="text-center py-4">

            {{ links }}

            <span class="px-2">
                <a class="btn-up" href="{{ url }}">
                    {{ title }}

            {{ /links }}


        {{ /if }}

    {{ /parent }}

inside my parent page (de)

--- title: Reden parent: c2f22c52-a6cd-40eb-9c08-c8b4d1717994 updated_by: 69de317f-7502-4b65-bca7-5c3aa099f479 updated_at: 1613404777 blueprint: pages template: reden/index links: - 38a88f32-6e2c-45c3-989e-f8bd16c19190 id: 38a88f32-6e2c-45c3-989e-f8bd16c19190 ---

inside my parent page (fr)

title: Discours
updated_by: 69de317f-7502-4b65-bca7-5c3aa099f479
updated_at: 1613404789
id: 76ccc300-362c-4bca-a0bc-cba7d4119d0f
origin: 38a88f32-6e2c-45c3-989e-f8bd16c19190

The default link(s) is rendered like expected to index-page

The localized page is not - there is no output at all.

If I dd the Entry::findByUri($segment_url) in ParentTags.php there is null for the path.

de Path is /fr/lecture/discours fr Path is /lecture/reden

Can anybody give me a hint how to solve this?

The Idea is to provide a Link at the bottom of the show template to the index template of the collection. For this link I added an entry field in the Page where the collection is mounted.

Thanks Roland

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