next_page pagination not working when deployed to Netlify

Hi there,

I have a Statamic v3 site hosted statically on Netlify with a collection of links. When using Laravel Valet on my local environment I can paginate correctly i.e. clicking "Forward to the past" to http://connorleech.test/links?page=2 works great. When the site is deployed clicking "Forward to the past" takes the user to the URL but still the first page of results is shown. I haven't been able to render page 2 results in production. Is this something with my Netlify settings or any ideas about why this is not working when deployed?

Antlers code for this page is below:

<div class="container mx-auto px-4 md:px-12">
    {{ collection:links as="links" paginate="24" }}
        <div class="flex flex-wrap -mx-1 lg:-mx-4">

            {{ if no_results }}
                <h2 class="text-3xl italic tracking-tight">I haven't published any links yet!</h2>
            {{ /if }}

            {{ links }}
                <!-- Column -->
                <div class="my-1 px-1 w-full md:w-1/2 lg:my-4 lg:px-4 lg:w-1/3">

                    <!-- Link -->
                    <article class="overflow-hidden rounded-lg shadow-lg min-h-full">

                        <a href="{{ link }}" target="_blank">
                            <img alt="{{ title }}" class="object-scale-down h-48 w-full" src="{{ hero_image }}">

                        <header class="flex items-center justify-between leading-tight p-2 md:p-4">
                            <h1 class="mb-0 text-lg">
                                <a class="no-underline hover:underline text-black" href="{{ url }}">
                                    {{ title | widont }}
                        <p class="flex items-center justify-between leading-none p-2 md:p-4 text-grey-darker text-sm italic">
                            shared on {{ date format="M j, Y" }}
                        <footer class="flex items-center justify-between leading-none p-2 md:p-4">
                            {{ short_summary }}

                    <!-- END Link-->

                <!-- END Column -->
            {{ /links }}

    {{ paginate }}
    {{ if prev_page || next_page }}
    <div class="flex justify-between text-xl -mx-16 pt-16 font-bold">
        <a href="{{ prev_page }}" class="{{ ! prev_page ?= 'opacity-25' }}">
            ← Back to the future
        <a href="{{ next_page }}" class="{{ ! next_page ?= 'opacity-25' }}">
            Forward to the past →
    {{ /if }}
    {{ /paginate }}

    {{ /collection:links }}
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