Pivot data (e.g. from taxonomies)

In Laravel, it is easy to set-up many-to-many relationships as well as relationships with pivot-data. I'd like to know if I can achieve something similar with Statamic's core-features of "collection - entries" and "taxonomy - terms".

So more or less what I want to achieve is to add pivot data to entry relationships.

Let's say I have a movie database.

I have two collections: 1. Movies 2. Persons

Apart from that, I have a taxonomy "roles" with terms like "director", "actor", etc.

I can make a blueprint for movies stating that I want to be able to add one or more entries from the persons collection, but this leaves me without two important things: 1. I would like to add pivot-data, for example a role (coming from taxonomies) for that person (e.g. director, actor) 2. I would like the relationship to be two-way, so if I associate a person with a movie, I would also like the movie to be associated with the person.

Is such a thing possible?

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