Blade Template Extending Antlers Layout?

Hi there,

So I've been using Antlers templates/layouts for all my collection/pages data, no problem.

However, I have some more complex data that I'd like to store/update separate from a Collection and display in a Blade template extending the original Antlers layouts file, where I have setup some custom header/footer (via configs) pages/collections.

But, when I do this, and pass this information to a Blade template, extending the original Antlers layouts file, the layouts information is displayed correctly, but after the Blade content. See below screenshot.

I'd like to be able to pass the Blade templates data into the {{template_content}} variable of my Antlers layouts file, so it sits within the body of the page, as intended. Is there any way I can do this?

For reference, I am currently passing the information to the Blade template via my Controller like this;

return (new \Statamic\View\View) ->template('faqs/'.$template) ->with([ 'faqs' => $faqs, 'topics' => $topics, 'data' => $data, ]);

Thanks in advance, Chris

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