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Pages Collection - slug, root, and other questions

Daniel Edwards March 11, 2021 by Daniel Edwards

I was fairly comfortable in v2, but lately, I've been trying to learn v3. This has been a bit of an adventure, and slightly more complicated than I thought. So my questions may seem obvious to some, but I'm new to v3, so bear with me. I'll start with confirming that I understand a few concepts, then get into my questions.

First off, there's no pages section. As I understand it, that's now been wrapped into collections? I can see how that makes sense, so I can work with that.

Secondly, if the pages are now a collection, that means the homepage is in that same collection. As I understand it, I should mark that as the collection root. Also, it'll use a different blueprint than the rest of the pages, but I don't want that blueprint selectable for other pages. Should I mark that blueprint as hidden after I've created the homepage?

Third, my main reason for this post. For all entries in collections, the system automatically adds title, date, and slug fields. The homepage may not need that, is there a way to remove it from that blueprint without it being automatically added back on? Or is there another way around this, or a concept that I'm missing?

Lastly, for the routes, I'm a bit confused. The homepage should exist at "/" but the rest should use the slug & parent path. How do I define that? Again, am I missing a concept here?

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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