Best way to push and deploy

I'm currently working on my first Statamic project and next week I'm about to push my current local site to my production server.

There are still a few things unclear to me, but one particular thing would be how to handle the content.

As of now I've always pushed ALL files (except for vendor/ and such) to GitHub. Due to the fact that I'd like to keep the configuration on my local environment, ie. new content elements, Blueprints or Fieldsets, and only manage the actual content on my live server, my idea was to .gitignore the content folder when pushing to GitHub (and deploying from there) from now on. Would that be sufficient?

Like I said, whenever I need to create a new Blueprint or anything, I'd like to do that locally first and then push to live. But I don't want to overwrite any content on the live server, obviously.

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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