Taxonomy views not working - not sure if I'm doing this right

I'm new to Statamic and having trouble getting taxonomy templates to work properly.

I have a taxonomy called Categories. I've made a categories folder in resources/views and added index.antlers.html and show.antlers.html templates.

According to the documentation (unless I've misunderstood things), the index view should now be accessible at /categories/, and the show view should be accessible at /categories/{term-slug}. However both these routes 404 for me.

I've managed to make the show view work by adding a hidden template field to the categories blueprint and adding categories/show as the default value – something which doesn't appear to be mentioned in the documentation and doesn't seem to be possible to do through the UI - I had to edit the blueprint YAML directly.

What am I missing here? The documentation seems to be quite straightforward but I just can't seem to make it work.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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